The new year means a fresh start for many. It’s a very welcome one, at that, what with everything we went through in the previous year. A fresh calendar also means a blank canvas for home remodeling projects that can now be planned out throughout the year.

That said, what are the top home remodel projects that we foresee in 2021? Check out some in our list below!


Home offices

Many companies and businesses are still operating on work-from-home schemes. Some have put off a return indefinitely or are implementing partial on-site work. The need for a proper space at home in which to work has never been more pronounced.

Setting up a proper home office is important, even if it’s just a small space in the living room. Spending an entire shift in a makeshift space does not foster productivity. In addition, suboptimal setups can affect your physical health and well-being.


Kitchen renovations

Many are discovering (or rediscovering) their previously hidden “inner chef” as they spend most of their time at home. Minimizing dining out or deliveries means cooking more. That entails improving existing kitchen setups.

Some main points of kitchen remodels? Shelving and pantries. The idea is to optimize space in order to stock more food for emergencies. Another point of emphasis is to make dining space more comfortable and efficient.


Outdoor areas

People who had decent outdoor spaces were spared the claustrophobia of being locked down within four walls. Having a backyard patio or an outdoor dining area and other similar spaces is a luxury many want to have. Being able to beautify this space is a priority as people spend more time at home. It’s ideal having a place to stretch one’s legs and get some much-needed air.

Plus, it also works to add value if you’re planning on flipping your home sometime in the future. Key areas of improvement for outdoor areas include landscaping and the addition of a deck with some seating and a shaded area.


Making use of surplus space

If you’re sitting on a property with a bit of underutilized internal space, you should aim to make better use of it. Convert it to an entertainment area like a game room or a movie room. Make it a home gym or a meditation space. Turn it into a room where you can work on your hobbies and other interests. It does not even have to be a room at all. A small section of the living room or bedroom could be partitioned and might suffice for this purpose. Just make sure you turn it into a space that keeps you happy and sane throughout all the chaos and uncertainty.


A fresh coat of paint

Fresh scenery could do wonders for your frame of mind. Sometimes, home improvement doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as giving your home new colors via painting. Go for a fresh palette that gives the space new life. Plus, freshly painted interiors can help drive a sale in case you’re planning to sell your property down the road.

With recent events emphasizing focus on home life, more homeowners will be taking on remodeling projects in 2021. Once you’ve made up your mind on what you want to do, call up a professional home remodeling service right away. There’s nothing better to get the new year going than a newly improved home.